I will not pull the trigger

Av Heidi Ek, 10.12.2012

Say goodbye
Don`t question why
It`s meant to be
No more forcing me

It helps to help one another
You taught me to stop that
My friend
You gave nothing to other
This is what critics mend

Critic is easy
I will free thee

For goodness sake
Don`t put my freedom at stake

Freedom is grate
Why do you humiliate
Make love last
Or end it fast

Life must be released
I hate the noise
Oh God of mine
Freedom`s not diseased
Be recognized
Look at your mother`s card

Show your voice
To mankind
Don`t get down
Negativity is hard

I will not cry of the wrong
You do not know why
My heart gets broken
Of all familiar words that is spoken
I will be strong
Free as the birds

Understand this
My love
You I am thinking of
When lightning strike
It`s you
I like

No words of knives
Could kill my lives
Listen hard honey
Cause my heart is not made of money
But love
No dignity you throw

I will not pull the trigger
Looking for my
Of not saying sorry

The dream is bigger
Stop the abuses
Please don`t worry
I will not pull the trigger


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