Long for yesterday

Av Heidi Ek, 21.11.2012

I long for yesterday
When the sky doesn`t quiver
The children sing and play
I`m going down the Mississippi river

The flashing light in my eyes
Eat me up inside
Consuming all the lies
There is nowhere to hide

Yeah to yesterday I long
I see the land so wide
Where there is no wrong
I see the land with pride

Deceit and corruption
Living day by day
Enormous eruption
I long for yesterday

In dreams I have today…
There is no thought to curse thee
No forming of the fray
I kneel
to beg for mercy
Today should be yesterday
Humanity hear me when I say
Love shall rise up from the grey

Not yesterday
But tomorrow came along the way
Hoping today
That tomorrow will not stay

A shower of bullets within the blink of an eye
Tomorrow is here to betray
Waiting for you to say goodbye
Yesterday has gone away

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