Av Heidi Ek, 26.10.2013

Promise me you will not miss me
When you sleep I`ll come and kiss you

Rich with living joy
Every breath of sadness I`ll destroy
With all I own inside of me
The sign of fall
I`ll breath for everlasting love to be

Clothes so fashionable and sweet
What is passion for my breed?

Music and dance
You have no elegance for romance
Watch the heavenly leaves dance

You murdered my heart tonight
Did not dare to ask or beg or cry for my own desire
Of fright
I lighted the match inside
Was on fire

My eyes longing for your eyes to discover
Searching for the human within
Glass breaking
Heart aching

Priceless what is?
The innocent kiss?
The honey from the bees?
Be first to grab the hunger and the thirst

If mind could speak for action
The weak
Poor with satisfaction

The master, chief of eternity
Arms reaching faster
Believe of concernity
Amateur of love to life
The lakes waves me to pieces

Impossibilities are
You exist
The throat, the neck
Flowers affect
My soul
So whole

Never the less the tall
Wish I were dead she so tear-falling said
Naked truth, experimental use

Sweaty and cold
Longing for the arms to hold
Suffering and unfortune

Love for ya soon
Passion for the moon


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